How to release the stress stored in our bodies

There is one muscle in the body that often stores trauma. Here’s how to joyfully release the Stress.


Source: How to Release the Stress stored in our Bodies

“If you spend as much time stretching your psoas muscle every day as you just did reading this article, you will notice some big changes in your life.” writes Jacob Devaney.

This is a great article on the benefits of stretching the psoas muscle. This mighty muscle connects your torso to your legs and is responsible for core strength. The psoas can impact everything from posture, knee and back pain, to shallow breathing, menstrual cramps, and tiredness.

You don’t have to become a yogi…well, not unless you want to!…but a few minutes stretching will help the body let go of stress and leave you feeling more relaxed.

When people ask me about coping strategies and techniques for managing stress, I always talk about body health. To take care of the mind we must take care of the body and stretching can be hugely beneficial. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.