Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and personal development in Cheadle


Thoughts and feelings aren't optional, the way we express and react to them is. It's usual to feel all sorts of emotions when life gets full and out of whack. That's the deal of being human.  

Anyone can experience times of psychological stuckness. There doesn't need to have been something wrong in your childhood or past for you to experience mental health problems.

The pace of modern life means it's usual to experience physical, mental, and emotional issues that result in things like anxiety, burnout, aggression, low mood, depression, and relationship struggles. 

As an experienced psychotherapist I offer you space where you can begin to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours at your own pace.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties right now, recognise how your past continues to have a negative impact on your everyday life, or wish to gain more self-awareness and improve your communication skills, I can help you facilitate the change you want.

Get in touch today and give yourself the time you deserve to make a difference.


Some of the ways you can work with me

Psychotherapy and Counselling

As a qualified and experienced psychotherapist I can support you with a wide range of issues at my private practice in Cheadle, Cheshire (see below).

With a strong belief in the benefits of emotional resilience, compassion, and committed action, I use Transactional Analysis (TA), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Brainspotting (BSP) to provide short-term and longer term psychotherapy and counselling.

To learn about how therapy and counselling can help you read more here


Personal Development in Relationships

Ever feel like you have to choose between a relationship and your sense of self?

You can have both and it can be freeing to find a balance that works for you.

When it comes to close relationships - romantic, friendship, and family - it's easy to get lost in how relationships "should be".  Many people don't have a model of healthy relationship. Instead you may rely on past experience, comparison, social media, and what society tells you a relationship should look like. 

This often leads to pathologising and criticising yourself and/or others.

Therapy gives you the space to figure out what you want and how to get it.

Want to feel confident about the choices you've made and are making about important decisions and relationships? Let's talk...

If you're interested in a big slice of psycho-education about how to have more conscious relationships - including with yourself! - then check out our hugely successful and popular workshop here.


The areas I specialise in

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Mid-life dilemmas, perimenopause and menopause, late-life diagnosis and living with neurodivergence, separation & identity, growing-up (at any age!), depression, low self worth and motivation, recovering from and living with medical illness, anxiety and panic, shame, stress within relationships, life and at work, self harm and limiting behaviours, childhood trauma, adult trauma, recovering from abuse, coping with change, retirement & aging, growing your self-awareness, developing emotional resilience, executive coaching, personal development, couples counselling, divorce and separation, sex and intimacy issues, blended families and co-parenting, grief tending circles, grief and loss, death anxiety