Getting The Love You Want Imago Workshop

A psycho-educational workshop for greater connection, fulfilment and passion in relationship

By Ian Tomlinson (An Imago International Faculty Member and UKCP Psychotherapist) & Joanna Groves (Certified Transactional Analyst (P), Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and UKCP Psychotherapist)

"Just do it. It's safe and rewarding"
G, Liverpool

Who is this weekend for?

YOU! If you're wondering what type of people come on these weekends...people like you.

Come along and learn how to enhance safety and connection in your closest relationship.

This is a workshop for everyone – just met? married 20yrs? struggling with conflict and difference? coping with big life changes, loss, or grief? same sex couples? parenting pressure? Everyone is welcome and couples benefit from spending this quality time together long after the workshop ends.

The workshop is call Getting The Love YOU Want and is best suited for couples and parents who want:

  • A stronger, more loving relationship
  • Improved effective communication
  • Increased passion and fun
  • Skills for long term relationship success
"I think you've protected our marriage for a long time".
A, Manchester

What will you learn?

  • New practical skills and new understanding for a long-term relationship
  • Develop greater compassion for each other
  • Renew passion, pleasure and fun
  • Learn new skills to break destructive patterns of relating
  • Learn alternative ways to manage conflict
  • Model a strong, loving relationship for your children
  • Make sense of the impact of your childhood experience on your adult relationship
"Teaches you to fight for your relationship instead of fighting your relationship"
K, London

About the workshop

Our workshop is educational and focuses on enhancing connection and safety. Our aim is to equip you with insights, skills and tools that you can use every day in your relationship. Whilst the benefits can be therapeutic, it is important to note this is not therapy. The two days includes lectures, written exercises, demonstrations and practicing of dialogue and communication processes.

We will learn as a group with no pressure to share private information. Even if you don't say a single word in the larger group you will still get the benefit from being alongside your partner for the weekend. There is plenty of space for partners to share & practice exercises privately. That said, working in the larger group fosters sameness and the opportunity to know we are each struggling with the similar recurring themes in relationship.

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"Warm and open. Used amazing examples from their own lives to make the whole experience relatable".
S, Wirral

Where & When?

These are the only “Getting The Love You Want” workshops regularly running outside of London and as such are in high demand.  Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Next dates:  

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2024

Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September 2024 

Where:  The Affinity Centre, 7A High Street, Cheadle, SK8 1AX

How much? £600 per couple