What Quote Has Actually Stuck With You & Changed Your Life?

We all carry little snippets of wisdom around with us — quotes from authors, philosophers, or other figures who inspire us and whose words left a mark on our minds. What are yours?

Source: People Were Asked: ‘What Quote Has Actually Stuck With You & Changed Your Life?’ | Collective-Evolution

I do love a good quote! Give me an affirmation or wonderful poem and I’m truly happy and inspired. All the same, I wonder what it is that draws us to certain quotes, lines from movies and books and the like, that somehow stick with us throughout life. For me, it stems from an inspirational English teacher who taught me the love of language.

At my practice at The Affinity Centre, Cheadle and Wilmslow, I meet lots of people of all ages, from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Within the early therapy work a quote or snippet of a poem will come to mind and shape the way I think of our work together. Sometimes, if appropriate I might share my thoughts with the person, and often it’s a really good fit to what’s happening in the work.

Therapy is a reflective process so it makes sense to me that I do this, but I also recognise I was doing this in my previous career in the corporate world. Maybe too I can recognise that I’m a creative thinker and I’m often energised by images and words from others, that somehow articulate what’s going on for me. 

Whatever our reasons for choosing the quotes and lines we do, they are everywhere. I’d love to hear from you on what’s inspired and influenced you? 

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