Forget New Year’s Resolutions, try a New Year’s Focus instead

Fancy an alternative to the usual New Year’s Resolutions?

Then try My 3 Words instead by the hugely inspiring Chris Brogan. 

I’m a BIG fan of New Year. I love the freshness, the whiff of possibilities that lie ahead. I love the blank pages of my diary waiting to be filled with cool things. Seduced by the New Year I’ve found myself making New Year’s resolutions that are…well, quite honestly a load of b**locks!

In a recent survey, 22% of people had sacked off their new habits and goals by the end of February and mid way through the year more than 65% of people find their New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the wayside. I have to admit, sometimes mine barely make make it out of the gate! To combat my annual giving up, I’ve often attempted to make humorous resolutions instead. In 2012 I vowed to “have more fun!”…a complete and utter away-behaviour to avoid the growing realisation that I needed to make changes in my life. Or my 2014 goal to “swear more”…again, a distraction because I don’t really need encouragement in that area!

As 2019 approached I was challenged by my OH to come up with My 3 Words that would offer a focus for the year, to keep me on track towards my values and life-goals. If you haven’t already connected with your values then read my blog post here to get started. 

I have to admit, at first I just came up with the same old lists of things I had no real intention of doing, or goals that were unrealistic and had no substance. But then I really gave it some thought and realised I now feel inspired rather than defeated.

How it works…

Your three words should be personal to you. Don’t overthink it, start by writing down words that pop in to your head and work from there. Think about the direction you want your year to take, words that will take you in the direction of your values during the year ahead. 

Be honest with yourself. For example, weight-loss is often a common goal in January so think about what you would need to be reminded of to keep moving toward that goal e.g. Rainbow (eat colourful foods), Water (stay hydrated), Patience (small steps DO make a difference).

Once you’ve got your three words, make them a part of your everyday life and you’ll soon find they become part of your decision making, daily choices and quiet reflections. Screensavers, post-it notes around your home and office, mini-frame beside your bed etc. etc.

What did you come up with?…

Post below and share your three words, I’d love to hear your experience.

Mine are in the photo above, together with a background photo that I took on a lovely holiday that reminds me of the feeling of relaxation.

Thrive – use what I already have to thrive in all areas of my life, especially health and work.

Relax – rediscover activities that help me experience relaxation.

Initiate – my most challenging and therefore most growthful. Act upon my instincts by initiating conversations, actions, ideas.

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