Stop the Glorification of Busy and Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy

“The reality is, if we want to increase the general well-being of our culture we need to stop the glorification of busy. Can we begin to accept that it’s also okay to lead a calmer and more joyful life?”

Source: Stop the Glorification of Busy and Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy | Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Seriously, we’re human BEINGS not human DOINGS! When did play, relaxation, enjoyment, fulfillment and the like become terms associated with ‘being selfish’ or self-absorbed?

Hell yeah! To be selfish is to take care of the self and I believe we’d all be alot happier if we learned to take care of ourselves – body, mind and spirit, alongside those maths and science lessons at school. Unsurprisingly, being so busy has a direct impact on our health, wellbeing and mood.

In my work with schools, students and teachers alike are relentlessly busy. We’re experiencing this first hand at home as our teenager and pre-teen struggle to keep up with the pressures from the school system.

It’s the same throughout my practice, people are often beyond busy and the thing they want most from life?To feel happy. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons why we keep so busy with external and internal pressures playing a part. It’s not as simple as to ‘just relax’ or even ‘learn to take better care’, if it were that easy we’d have just got on with it by now!

We each carry social, cultural and family messages around being busy and resting. Therapy can give you a great insight into your patterns and support you in making the changes you want to enjoy your life.