8 Psychological Tips for Being More Confident

Everyone needs a confidence boost now and then. Staving off self-doubt isn’t always easy, but these suggestions can help you feel more confident more often.

Source: 8 Psychological Tips for Being More Confident

Happy New Year! Get 2018 off to a great start by tuning in to some of these ways to boost your confidence.

My favourite is Doubt your Doubt. This often works for me when I catch my inner-critic telling me I can’t do something. Questioning the truth in my own statements can be useful. Do I really, really believe I can’t get myself organised, achieve that piece of work, get fit, keep my new year’s resolution (*cough, ok that one may have more than a grain of truth in it!)…blah, blah, blah. The list can be endless some days!

Truth is we all experience self-doubt and confidence issues at some points in our life. That’s just the deal of being human. Consciously choosing to do one thing to boost your confidence can make a big difference.

At my practice in Cheadle and Wilmslow, Cheshire I often hear stories from people who feel like they’ve lost their confidence, or never really had it in the first place.

Therapy can be a wonderful space to explore the underpinning beliefs you have around ‘confidence’, and support you to move toward a healthier approach to boosting your self esteem.

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