Why Chipping Away At Your Problems Beats The Quick Fix

As with putting on a fresh coat of paint, long-term change generally won’t stick unless we first chip away at existing layers that could undermine our efforts.

Source: Why Chipping Away At Your Problems Beats The Quick Fix

Anyone who’s worked with me over the years will be familiar with my desire to address the small stuff first. Change takes time and before we can make changes I believe we need to check the foundations and make adjustments as necessary.

You see, we’re canny creatures us human beings and if we could ‘just’ make quick fixes…well we would! Trouble is, quick fixes don’t account for resistance and at the core of every desired change is a healthy dose of resistance, as well as life-limiting┬ádoses of self-sabotage. Resistance and self-sabotage often feel uncomfortable, embarrassing, shameful and more. And why would anyone want to feel like that right?

Therapy works best when you make slow consistent changes in your thinking, feelings, and behaviour that help move you toward a more fulfilling and contented life. Although small, these changes are mighty and form solid foundations from which you can grow and thrive.

Sounds alot better than a new lick of paint to cover over the old cracks right?